b. 1990

selected past exhibitions, performances and projects -

2021 BACKDROPS, Milleu, Bern

2021 As I Walk Through The Valley In The Shadow of Jeff, London Arts Board, London

2021 The Tour Guide, Oblique Field [Cataract Requiem], Gossamerfog, London

2021 Old Friends, New Friends. Collective Ending, London

2020 The Myth of the Sandal and the Djinn with Farvash Razavi. Misschiefs. Stockholm

2020 London and The Devil, Brockley Gardens, London (solo)

2019 Ghost of a Flea Under the Bridge, Tate Britain, London

2019 William Blake and the Idea of the Artist, Paul Mellon Centre, London

2019 Desktop Residency

2019 Sour Persimmons Chasm, Ex-Baldessarre, Bedford

2019 Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London

2019 Le Grand K, Science Museum, London

2019 Le Grand K, Gossamerfog, London

2019 Disorder Vol. 2, Studio 9294, London

2018 Things Going Nowhere, Dyson Gallery, London

2018 Public Sculpture in the Round, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (solo)

2018 Cooked And Raw, Liverpool Independents Biennial, Liverpool

2018 WIP Show, Royal College of Art, London

2016 Memories Are Made of This, The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow (solo)

2016 MK Calling, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

2016 Paradox, DVDISDEAD, Internet (solo)

2016 This Is It, Isn’t It?, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead

2016 The World of The Weakest Link, Rough House, The Glue Factory, Glasgow

2015 The Beginning of Everything, Palazzo Fontana, Venice

2015 Gold Panning, The Market Gallery, Glasgow

2015 The Artist Talks, Turf Projects, London

2015 I Am The Wheel, CCA, Glasgow (solo)

2015 Dante’s Diabolo, (Part of Jaakko Pallasvuo solo show 'Song'), Jupiter Woods, London

2014 Generation, New Glasgow Society, Glasgow

2013 Degree Show, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow

2013 Inevitable, Cineworld, Glasgow (solo)

awards and prizes -

Hesa Lyre Award, 2019

residencies -

London Buses Artist In Residence, 2019

education - 

Royal College of Art 2017-2019
Glasgow School of Art 2009-2013


If for any reason you need to contact me please email lucageorge11@gmail.com immediately