- poems


Peace Out, 2017


There is a bag that is tied to a tree

I see it quite often and imagine it's me



One day I'll drive

A red car really fast

And in it I'll listen to the air in the mast

My car will be different

As it won't have wheels

The whole thing will spin round and in doing so heal

My desire for a car and a need to be me

And a chance to be free and to live in a tree

But people will wonder what has happened to Luca?

The legend, who for breakfast drank only sambuca!

From the tree I would shout great stories and tales

Of how things were so awful,

about tories and males


But you are man! They'll shout up and say


No, I'm just a bag at the end of the day


No, we can all see you're a man in a tree


So down I will climb for all humans to see


Yes I am man but I'm also a bag


That's fine with us they'll respond and oh


I'll reply